Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well, Shall I Try Again????

I am so bad at blogging, but at least I have something to look back on!!

I'm thinking I should try again... maybe go for just once a month.

For now a non picture update :)

Everyone is doing well back at school. Rivka started Kitah Aleph (1st grade), and Avraham Tzvi started gan. Both are doing amazingly well. The twins went up to kitah bet (2nd grade) with the same class & same teachers. Again, b'h they are really thriving!

We had a fun summer, lots of family time, lots of fun all around.

I do have 1st day of school pics, I will try to put them up here. I put stuff up on facebook now but I would like to go back to blogging so I have a record for me if for no one else.

Well, here's to trying again. We'll see how long I make it this time :)

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